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  • A doctor shares insight into how intense inflammation inside the heart cells is directly related to the sudden surge in unexplained deaths.
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals how as many as “36 different types of snake, snail, and mollusk venoms” were found in COVID vials causing blood toxicity and neurological problems.
  • How the “synthetic venom theory” is directly related to the PCR tests and why the government mandated the PCR tests to be the only test to detect COVID.
  • Find out how people who have been vaxxed can shed COVID spike glycoproteins that are cardiotoxic and cancerous.
  • Top experts discuss how “synthetic venoms” found in the jab cause cell death and how these “venoms” can reprogram our immune system’s T-Cells to attack itself.
Episode bullets
  • Dr. Peter McCullough expresses his concerns about C-19 vaccine injuries, and why the COVID Vaxx is unlike any other vaccine they’ve seen in terms of diversity and severity of syndromes.
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals the 3 major risks of C-19 toxic shots: inflammation, cardiovascular, and cancerous.
  • How the spike proteins reprogram our immune defense cells, our T-Cells and White Blood Cells so they misidentify the spike protein as not harmful and no longer attack it.
  • Our Medical Doctors and Health Experts are warning about an uptick in people who had their cancer in remission quickly experiencing full-blown cancer in weeks after the jab.
  • Get the protocols our medical doctors recommend to eliminate the spike proteins in the body from a COVID infection, being vaccinated with C-19, or being exposed to shedding from a vaxxed person.
Episode bullets
  • Dr. Edward Group issues a health warning about improper gut health that can lead to chronic disease and even early death.
  • Why poor gut health and an imbalance of microbes in the gut lining can actually be the cause of chronic fatigue, mood swings, joint pain and even arthritis.
  • Why subclinical inflammation can be the root cause of an illness, and treat the real health problem instead of masking the symptoms with toxic man-made drugs.
  • Dr. Jack Wolfson discusses how the liver naturally cleanses away deadly toxins and why if you get a fatty liver this is an indication a liver cleanse is needed.
  • Get access to the natural protocols our medical and integrative medicine doctors are using to reverse life-altering diseases and help patients recover from long COVID and vaxx injuries.
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  • A top expert shares why he believes the patent holder for the gene-altering mRNA vaxx accepted financial payoffs from Big Pharma because the patent was filed years before the plandemic.
  • Can the spike protein really change your DNA and can it force the body to attack itself? You bet it can.
  • Dr. Thomas E. Levy reveals how Pfizer’s own internal documents advise about the possibility of “environmental exposure” by “inhalation or skin contact” of the mRNA in the vaccine being transmitted from a vaccinated individual to another person.”
  • A renowned expert in preventing bioterrorism attacks explains the relationship between vaxx shedding of toxic venoms and the surge in COVID cases.
Episode bullets
  • Researcher reveals shocking, and censored discoveries about the experimental gene therapy shots and proof the Federal and state Government are in on doing everything they can to control us.
  • Why the Federal Government is tracking the unvaxxed.
  • Discussion about the 15 minute cities that they Global Elite want to put us into to prevent us from traveling.
  • Carbon credits and what they are and why if you use up your credits you can be forced to pay fines for overuse.
  • Why the COVID-19 Agenda was created to set up digital currencies and complete control over you, your life and your money.
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  • Dr. Brian Hooker, a top cardiologist reveals how the spike protein inside the vaxx has led to an explosion of myocarditis cases… They’ve NEVER seen this number of patients.
  • Cardiologist shares what “sticky blood” is and why the top 3 causes of heart disease – are all caused by deadly toxins in the COVID-19 vaxxes.
  • Why more children are now diagnosed with autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes due to vaccines, according to a highly experienced pediatrician.
  • Dr. Tau Braun reveals why the COVID, RSV, and FLU VAXX are all being UPDATED WITH mRNA and how this change is related to the depopulation agenda.
  • Get the tested protocols to successfully reverse serious heart diseases, including myocarditis and pericarditis
Episode bullets
  • Dr. Mark Sherwood reveals powerful nutrients, natural ingredients, and detoxification methods you can use to reverse autoimmune disease so you can “pandemic proof” your immune system.
  • How to undo the damage with natural detox agents which work to bind to hard-to-remove toxins and easily eliminate them from your body.
  • Dr. Jack Wolfson shares how to repair vaxx damage to your mitochondria – “the energy factories inside our cells” with natural protocols you can do right at home.
  • Dr. Henry Ealy shares safe and effective natural protocols to detox the biotoxins from your body.
  • Get access to little-known treatments and protocols that our top doctors are using to help their patients optimize their health by fixing their gut issues and repairing damage to their immune systems.
Episode bullets
  • Renowned doctors on the frontline of the COVID vaxx injury treatments discuss the new cutting edge protocols and treatments for early COVID treatment to prevent hospitalization.
  • Our Medical Experts reveal new regenerative medicines and light-emitting medical equipment including lasers, red-light therapy to heal.
  • How medical doctors are using integrative energy medicine to rebalance the body to help remove the damage caused by spike proteins.
  • Exciting advancements in proven protocols to help people find relief from long-haul COVID symptoms like tinnitus, brain fog, memory loss and fast-appearing dementia.
  • Discover the latest leading treatments that are helping people to restore their health post-COVID vaccine.
Episode bullets
  • Essential Oils aid in healing diagnosed diseases.
  • Childhood diseases can be reversed by addressing the damaging effects of sugar on the metabolic system.
  • Mold is a contributing factor to Sarcoidosis, a disease affecting thousands.
  • Gut bacteria play a crucial role in toxin processing.
  • Kidney disease can be silent, leading to unnoticed damage and toxicity buildup over time.
  • Essential oils can be used aromatically (diffusing, inhaling), topically (on feet), and internally (adding to water for digestive support).
  • The root canal procedure is highly disease-causing.
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Jonathan Otto is an investigative journalist, natural health researcher, documentary filmmaker, and humanitarian.

He’s also the founder of Well Of Life, a line of premium, doctor-formulated and 100% natural supplements specially designed to detox and fortify the body and help people achieve ultimate healing.

Jonathan has created several highly-acclaimed docuseries, including:

  • Depression, Anxiety & Dementia Secrets
  • Autoimmune Secrets
  • Natural Medicine Secrets
  • Women’s Health Secrets
  • Vaccine Secrets
  • Vaccine Secrets | RELOADED
  • COVID Secrets
  • Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive
  • Unbreakable: Destined to Thrive | RELOADED
  • BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously
  • BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously | RELOADED
  • Absolute Healing

His docuseries are well known for their highly-effective natural remedies for autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, mental health, cancer, and heart disease.

These docuseries — watched by millions around the world — represent Jonathan’s unceasing quest to discover the root causes of debilitating diseases by interviewing over 100 world-renowned natural medicine doctors, scientists, natural health experts, and patients.

Jonathan’s greatest reward has been hearing the testimonials from people whose lives have literally been saved with the protocols he developed.

Plandemic 2.0 has JUST begun.

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